Certification and insurance

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BryanskInterTrans LLC provides services for cargo insurance, health certificates support in corresponding certification authorities and motor truck and railway cargo insurance as well.

We have direct contracts with various certification authorities, laboratories and inspections in Moscow and Bryansk.

Russian Research Institute for Certification (VNIIS) Moscow:

  • Certificates of conformity for a lot or a contract;
  • Provision of letters discharging from presentation to the customs authorities certificates of conformity for goods which are subject to regulatory certification, but are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation in small quantities not for sale (samples).

Serteks Non-commercial organization, Institution for certification and expert review, Certification authority for goods and services (Moscow):

  • Certificates of conformity for Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate in virtue of test procedures.

State grain inspection (Bryansk):

  • Quality certificates for raw materials and products of grain mill industry. Test procedures.

Veterinary Authority of Bryansk region Administration (Bryansk):

  • Provision of Russian Veterinary Certificates. Import/export licenses for animal products.

Regional Center of State Sanitary & Epidemiological Surveillance Agency (Bryansk):

  • Test procedures. Provision of Health and Care Certificates.

Regional veterinary laboratory (Bryansk):

  • Test procedures (animal products).

State test-procedural laboratory for dairy products industry (Bryansk):

  • Certificates of conformity for dairy products. Laboratory research for certification.


We will ensure your cargo. CMR insurance.

Our insurance partners are:

  • VSK Insurance House (Bryansk branch);
  • UralSib Insurance Group CJSC;
  • Fidelity Insurance Alliance LLC (Bryansk branch).