We’re open to everybody for cooperation. Our solutions are not dubious manipulations outside the legal environment, but knowledge of law, analysis of continuous variable trend data in external economic activity, ability to find coordinated decisions for the tasks in hand. Cooperation with BryanskInterTrans LLC is your right choice.

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BryanskInterTrans LLC is a fastest growing Bryansk company which has structural subdivisions at the Ukraine - Russia border, and also subsidiary offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lipetsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Kazan. Our clients are importers of Ukrainian, Asian and European goods shipped across the Russian border by vehicular and railway transport and Russian export companies as well. We carry out bonded storage and clear goods at Temporary Storage Warehouses in the area of Regional Customs Authorities of Federal Customs Service of Russia which are listed in the Register of Owners of Temporary Storage Warehouses. The number of SVH (Temporary Storage Warehouses) cooperating with BryanskInterTrans LLC gradually grows depending on economic viability and the possibility of Temporary Storage Warehouses to accept various categories of goods. A wealth of experience of customs clearance experts of BryanskInterTrans LLC, opening hours of the Customs Points, their geographical position, performance of activities through customs authorities which carry out customs operations and customs control applying distance release of goods through CED (customs e-filing centers) provide to clear goods to the highest standard and with the shortest possible period of time.

We believe that in the name of our company you will find a reliable partner for customs clearance of your goods.

We look forward to cooperating with you on a constant basis.

Our objective

We aim to provide our clients with reliable, well-timed and modern services for goods delivery and customs clearance. Our competitive edge is individual attention to all our clients and professional performance of the client’s requests. The company bears strict financial liability and gives legal warranty for the quality of performed activities.

Commercial proposal

Commercial proposal on customs clearance of the goods imported by your company to the Russian market by railway and vehicular transport


Since 2008 BIT-Logistics company has been carrying out a full range of services for goods delivery. It provides:

  • Attractive rates for container carriage under curb-to-curb terms from anywhere in China to central and South East regions of Russia;
  • Direct services of leading maritime carrier lines;
  • Reliable customs clearance in Bryansk;
  • Cargo insurance through reputable insurers;
  • Accurate order processing and well-timed provision of information on shipment progress.

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