We’re open to everybody for cooperation. Our solutions are not dubious manipulations outside the legal environment, but knowledge of law, analysis of continuous variable trend data in external economic activity, ability to find coordinated decisions for the tasks in hand. Cooperation with BryanskInterTrans LLC is your right choice.

Imputed value of services


Our arbitration practice


BryanskInterTrans LLC provides a full range of services for delivery and customs clearance of all product groups and goods storage in Temporary Storage Warehouses (SVH) placed in the area of operations of Bryansk Customs House.


  • Documents preparation and processing for cargo customs declaration;
  • Drafting of documents and their soft copies for customs procedures;
  • Declaring goods and carrier vehicles;
  • Contract holders and importers/exporters checking at Bryansk Customs House;
  • Client legal representation in customs authorities, cargo customs declaration support all through the customs clearance;
  • Filing of documents and further details to a customs authority of the Russian Federation for customs purposes;
  • Presentation of declared goods and carrier vehicles;
  • Security for the payment of customs fees and other payments as provided for by the Customs Code of the Russian Federation in reference to declared goods;
  • Performing other activities for customs control in capacity of a person having the power to declared goods;
  • Consulting services for external economic activity;
  • Classification of goods in accordance with Commodity Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities;
  • Computation of customs payments;
  • Reference information on duty rates;
  • Reference information on non-tariff regulation measures.


BryanskInterTrans LLC offers the following information, analytical and legal services:

  • New contracts drawing out, operating contracts analysis and editing;
  • Legal advice concerning external economic activity points: composing letters and requests, lodging complaints to public authorities; the client’s legal representation in courts;
  • Assortment and transmission of laws, regulations and other information documents to the client for Customs Legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Process development for customs clearance in different posts of clearance, customs treatments, situations;
  • Consulting for provision of a set of documents for endorsement of declared customs value for further submission to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation at a deal price (fifo costing method);
  • Preparation of analytical notes on import/export operations with various product groups in accordance with the standards specified by the client.